About Dolead

Built on top of the newest technologies for realtime advertising (ElasticSearch, ), Dolead brings to its customers a new approach for managing and optimizing their marketing Campaigns. We're competing with traditional players and a few (mostly US) start-ups (Wordstream, etc), but we have a unique vision of simplicity and optimizations applied to marketing Campaigns. We're about “Evernote for paid marketing Online” and we believe we can disrupt upside-down the paid marketing business.

We launched officially our product in September 2014 and we have now 200 customers all over the world, from small agencies to large, grown-up startups, which use Dolead every day to run their business. Started by Arthur Saint-Père and Guillaume Heintz , we got funded in March 2012 by European Angels and VCs.

Our ‘Star’-service, Dolead Campaign Manager (DCM), is a technology designed to automatically manage and optimize your Google and Bing Ads campaigns in order to boost your performance.

We develop our own optimization tools ranging from semantic exploration to real-time optimum calculations, and also statistical analysis of ‘Big Data’.

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